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Financial Companies
  Ref         Position            Industry                                        Job description/Requirement                                          Salary                            Location
                                                 A global conglomerate' s real estate finance business unit is seeking a Marketing Manager. You will
                                                 be in charge of developing growth initiatives for the Japanese real estate business, supporting
                                                 execution on investment strategies by developing origination deployment approaches, organizing
              Marketing       Global Real Estate asset class training, working with the Marketing Communication Manager regarding public relations,             Native-level Japanese
ST/34146                                                                                                                                                Neg                                Tokyo
              Manager              Finance       advertising and occasional industry events. Candidates must have quantitative and structured                   and business English
                                                 analysis skills and solid experience in either strategic marketing or consulting.

               Analyst                            A global insurance company's matrix financial office is seeking an analyst to oversee the analysis
                               Global Insurance                                                                                                                 Native-level Japanese
ST/34199   Matrix Financial                       and reporting of group firms' products performance. Candidates must have product development          Neg                                Tokyo
                                  Company                                                                                                                       and advanced English
                Office                            experience or sales planning experience within the insurance industry.

                                                A global investment manager is seeking an Analyst for its fixed income business. You will be in
                                                charge of quantitative analysis of fixed income products and macro economy fundamentals as well
            Analyst, Fixed    Global Investment as supporting fund managers. Candidates must have working experience within the investment                      Native-level Japanese
ST/34400                                                                                                                                                Neg                                Tokyo
               Income             Manager       management industry and fixed income experience is also welcome.                                                and business English

  Ref         Position            Industry                                        Job description/Requirement                                          Salary                            Location
                                                A blue chip manufacturer seeks a Financial Auditor who is able to assess and test business
              Finance                           processes for compliance with Company policies and determine the effectiveness of the Company’s
                                                                                                                                                                Native-level Japanese   Hong Kong or
IK/34365    Auditor/Senior    Consumer Products financial and operational systems and controls. The role involves extensive travel (50%) across the     Neg
                                                                                                                                                                with business English      Tokyo
               Auditor                          Asia-Pacific region. Successful candidates will have experience as an auditor within either a global
                                                FMCG company or accounting firm.
                                                  A leading manufacturer of LCD monitors seeks a Customer Analysis Manager to conduct market
                                                  analysis and plan strategy. Candidates must have a minimum of five years of market analysis
              Customer                            experience and have a commercial understanding of LCD monitors, semiconductors, logistics and                 Native-level Japanese
IK/31160                          Electronics                                                                                                           Neg                                Tokyo
           Analysis Manager                       value chains. Experience dealing with China and an MBA would also be advantageous.                            and business English

                                                  A leading global manufacturer seeks a Market Communications Manager to oversee strategic
              Market                              communications such as advertisements and web marketing to convey effective messages to the                   Native-level Japanese
AS/34228   Communication          Electronics     market. Candidates are required to have experience in consumer marketing and project                  Neg                                Tokyo
                                                                                                                                                                and business English
             Manager                              management and business-level English is essential.

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                                                 A leading consumer goods company is looking for an HR Training Manager to be in charge of
              HR Training                        developing human talent in line with corporate strategy and brand value. Experience of                              Native level Japanese
YM/34170                       Consumer Products Development Program planning in performance-based management/competency assessment                          Neg                              Tokyo
               Manager                                                                                                                                               with business English
                                                 programs are required.
                                                  An international mechanical engineering company seeks a Group Accountant to oversee their
                                                                                                                                                                     Native-level Japanese
YM/34187 Group Accountant          Electronics    financial analysis function. Successful candidates will have relevant experience in this field with US     Neg                              Tokyo
                                                                                                                                                                     and business English
                                                  GAAP knowledge.

IT Related
  Ref          Position            Industry                                        Job description/Requirement                                              Salary                           Location
                                                  A Customer Retention Manager is sought within a global e-commerce organization. The person will
                                                  be responsible for analysing, planning and operating successful projects to retain current                         Native-level Japanese
IK/34388       Retention          E Commerce                                                                                                                 Neg                              Tokyo
                                                  customers. Successful candidates must have extensive experience in online or B2B marketing.                        and business English
                                                  Experience in CRM strategy would be advantageous.

  Ref          Position            Industry                                        Job description/Requirement                                              Salary                           Location
                                                  A leading accounting consultancy's financial service sector is seeking Tax Specialists. The financial
                                                  service sector covers real estate, banking and capital markets, hedge funds, asset management,
                                                  insurance, private equity and transfer pricing. Opportunities are available to specialise in particular
               Manager/           Accountancy     sectors or gain exposure to all sectors. Advanced communication skills are required. Candidates                     Native-level English
ST/34064     Asset Manager/        Consultant     must have solid overall tax experience and knowledge as well as project management skills and a            Neg       (Japanese skills       Tokyo
              Sr.Manager             (Tax)        willingness to work, learn and develop in a booming market offering great opportunities for                              welcome)
                                                  advancement. Japanese language skills helpful but not required.

                                                  A leading entertainment and leisure industry company seeks a Sales and Marketing Manager to be
             Sales Marketing                                                                                                                                         Native-level Japanese
AS/33456                         Entertainment    responsible for strategic market research. Successful candidates will be expected to have                  Neg                              Osaka
                Manager                                                                                                                                              and business English
                                                  experience in market and demand analysis . Business level English is essential.

                                                  A leading global accounting firm is seeking a manager to advise on anti-money laundering services
               Manager/           Accountancy     to financial companies and give advisory services to Japanese companies operating in other                         Native-level Japanese
AS/32547                                                                                                                                                     Neg                              Tokyo
              Sr.Associate         Consultant     countries. Experience in working for financial companies or work related to compliance in an                       and business English
                                                  international company would be highly advantageous.

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